Approval of Curimining Environmental License Marks Advancement in Sustainable Development in Ecuador
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Environmental license approved: Curimining and its commitment to responsible development 

Curimining begins a new chapter in Ecuador with a green light on its environmental license for the Curipamba – El Domo project, granted by the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition (MAATE, from the Spanish). This approval is a milestone that promises to boost not only the local economy and social development but also to cast its transformative glow upon the entire nation.


The road to obtaining this license began on November 4, 2021, when Curimining submitted its Environmental and Social Impact Assessment [Estudio de Impacto Ambiental y Social] along with its Environmental Management Plan [Plan de Manejo Ambiental], a compendium of 7,000 pages that aligns with Ecuadorian legislation and international regulations. These documents include comprehensive analyses on various aspects, such as the physical and biotic environment, the socio-economic and cultural situation per area, identification of areas of influence, environmental risks assessment, and social and environmental impacts. In addition, they propose measures for impact prevention and mitigation, waste management, rehabilitation of affected areas and a mine closure plan, among other critical issues.


The process concluded with the Environmental Consultation, carried out between July and December 2023 by the MAATE, in which the guidelines of the Organic Environmental Code Regulation [Reglamento del Código Orgánico Ambiental] and the principles of the Escazú Agreement were respected. This process was notable for the broad community support, with a 98% approval rate, highlighting the active engagement and consensus-building within communities directly impacted by the project.


The granting of this license signifies not only a step forward for Curimining, but also for local communities, as a gradual reactivation of job and business opportunities is expected in areas of influence. The company expresses heartfelt gratitude to all involved sectors for their unwavering support and dedication to this project, which is poised to become a catalyst for transformation and progress in the region.