ATICO Secures Extension of Mining Concession Until 2049 in Ecuador
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Ecuador approves ATICO Mining's concession extension through 2049

Ecuador approves ATICO Mining’s concession extension through 2049

Atico Mining Corporation, an up-and-coming company in the mining world, has received the green light from Ecuador’s Ministry of Energy and Mines to extend La Plata mining concession through 2049. This decision marks a significant milestone in Ecuador’s mining industry, promising an era of sustained development and growth in the sector.


The extended concession period opens the door to a promising future in terms of engineering, construction, and mining operations. This time frame highlights the possibility of integrating new exploration findings, potentially leading to a significant increase in mineral resources that have already been estimated in the area.


The start of this new phase is linked to the registration in the Mining Registry under the Agency for Regulation and Control of Non-Renewable Energy and Natural Resources. This governmental action not only benefits Atico Mining Corporation, but also lays the groundwork for future investments in La Plata project. In addition, if everything goes as planned, the company could apply for an additional 25-year extension in 2048.


In the near future, Atico is focused on securing its Environmental Licenses, a crucial step to the project’s being able to move forward. This company is not only dedicated to copper and gold extraction in Latin America, but also seeks to expand its horizons with the acquisition of additional advanced projects in the region. With the high-grade La Plata VMS project in Ecuador, Atico Mining Corporation is emerging as a key player in Latin America’s dynamic mining industry.